The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

Thu, Dec 29, 2011

. Posted by: Sophie

Blogging in Santa Cruz e1325156573741 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

- Written by Victoria Philpott

We love travel blogs, but there are a few that really stand out for their witty writing, beautiful pictures and impressive count of countries visited. We’ve already crowned a few travel bloggers of the month so far this year, including:

Congratulations guys!

But as we head towards 2012 it’s time to reveal our Travel Blogs of the Year 2011. Whether you’re looking for family travel blogs, travel blogs by couples, the best photography travel blogs or the top solo female travel writing on the web, we’ve unearthed the best in travel 2011. We’ve also got the extra special, highly coveted category of ‘everything you could ever want in a travel blog’. *Drum roll, please…*

Best Family Travel Blog

family on bikes e1325175235976 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

WINNER: The Vogel Family from

180x150 EN Winner The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011The Vogel family – John, Nancy, Davy and Daryl – cycled 17,300 miles from Alaska to Argentina, making the 10-year-old twin boys the youngest people ever to make the journey. It took three years and a lot of hard work, but has spurned many blog posts along the way about moneysaving travel, keeping the kids entertained and enthusiastic on the road, and the post on what the boys had learned from the trip bought a tear to my eye.

NOMINEE: Lainie and Miro from

180x150 EN Nominated The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011Everybody wishes their mum was like Lainie – two years ago her and her son Miro uprooted for Central America to explore life there. Since then they’ve visited Ecuador, Argentina, Belize, Panama, Peru and everywhere in between. They tackle the subject of on-the-road schooling and citizenship head on and have ridiculous amounts of fun along the way – they seem to like pulling faces too…

Best Couples Travel Blog

ThePlanetD e1324643989879 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

WINNER: Deb and Dave from ThePlanetD

180x150 EN Winner The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011I know they might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s just because they deserve it. They give advice and support to help and inspire upcoming bloggers. They’ve also had some incredible adventures around the world, and the best thing  is both Dave and Deb get to explore it all together. Jealous? Me? I love all the pictures of them together and having a lovely time – hmmm I sound like an old romantic here. All their posts on Jordan, are making my passport practically jump out of its case.

NOMINEE: Eric and Karen from

180x150 EN Nominated The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011I want their life. Eric is a photographer, Karen is a journalist, and they’re on a 5ish-year adventure across the Americas. So far they’ve driven 128,161 miles – the equivalent of more than 5x around the world, and they’re on a mission to see the 23 countries that make up North, South and Central America. The time they spend in each destination means us readers get some real in-depth blog posts and unique photographs, and they’re writing is fun and informative too.

Best Photography Travel Blog

2011 03 15 Pigmobile e1325160844613 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

WINNER: Dustin Main from

180x150 EN Winner The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011Dustin’s travelled to more than 20 countries and taken some incredible pictures. From New Zealand to Berlin to Finland and plenty of countries in between, Dustin has snapped many unique and insightful images, including this pig mobile in Vietnam complete with pig-shaped cage too. His website allows you to track his location around the globe, so you can wait with baited breath for his resulting photos.

NOMINEE: Ilya Genkin from 

180x150 EN Nominated1 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011For beautiful landscape images Ilya Genkin is number one. Her lively and vibrant images from Australia are incredible and the moody black and white ones from China are uber expressive too. She’s taken photos in more than 20 beautiful locations around the world and has them all fully organised on the site. I hope that one day I can take pics like this on my newly purchased DSLR, my blurry offerings don’t quite make the cut at the moment.

Best Travel Blog for Female Travellers

IMG 0666 1 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

WINNER: Kate from

180x150 EN Winner The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011I’m English so I probably don’t appreciate what’s around me, but I love how excited Kate gets about cities like Chester and Birmingham. I’ve lived in both, and in quite a few places around England before settling in London and it really please me to see someone going out of London to explore the real England. I digress. Kate is also an inspiration for any women a little fearful that they can’t travel alone without a guy to carry their bags and protect them. She’s been everywhere and writes about her travels in a fun and inspiring way.

NOMINEE: Shannon from

180x150 EN Nominated The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011Her most recent post, a touching story of taking her niece to see the elephants in Laos, is just one reason why we love Shannon’s blog. Tales of Jordan, waterfalls and cooking on the road keep us entertained. She’s inspirational, without being patronising, and her site is simply laid out with great pictures and easy navigation. Congratulations Shannon, and good luck with your six months in Asia with your niece!

Best Travel Blog for Everything You Could Ever Want

Johnnystep4wad e1324651751702 The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

WINNER: Johnny from

180x150 EN Winner The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011Johnny has travelled to more than 5o countries over the last six years and spent a good amount of time in many of them – enough to be able to give some real insider information. He’s got tips on backpacking, health while travelling, visas and how you too can make travelling your life, among many other articles. He’s been everywhere on the tourist trails, as well as many places out in the sticks. And his photographs are pretty incredible too. Congratulations Johnny – we’re loving your work!

NOMINEE: Matt from

180x150 EN Nominated The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011Aw, we love Matt at HostelBookers. His site is an invaluable resource for travellers, and it’s all written with a sense of fun and disbelieving pride in what he has managed to achieve. He’s one of the most insightful bloggers in the blogosphere and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this world that we all live in. He’s been on the road for more than four years now and has the eBooks and photos to prove it.

Thanks to all the travel bloggers for an incredible 2011. Please keep entertaining us all with your amazing musings, and see you all in 2012!

Cheers to San Sharma for the top image from Flickr. 

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  1. crazy sexy fun traveler Says:

    Nice! Congrats to all the winners! I think a lot of people will be surprised :D

  2. Nancy from Family on Bikes Says:

    Thank you so much for selecting us as best family travel blog! It’s such an honor to be listed with so many wonderful blogs!

  3. Shannon O'Donnell Says:

    Thank you for the nomination! Some wonderful blogs here and I am in great company :)

  4. Lisa Wood Says:

    Oh WOW – I am finding more and more travel blogs to follow – love it!

    Congratulations to John, Nancy, Davy and Daryl for winning with Family on Bikes (best family blog) :)


  5. Kristen Says:

    Congratulations everyone on all of your hard work! All of you are rocking in the travel blogging community, and I’m so glad I’ve followed you along your journey to success. Happy Travels in 2012.

  6. Aisleen Says:

    Some great picks there! And a couple that I hadn’t heard of so will def be checking those out! Well done to all the winners and nominees! :)

  7. Adam Says:

    Some of my favorites! Glad that they’re getting recognized :)

  8. Megan Eileen Says:

    Great list! Congrats to all winners and nominees!

  9. Adventurous Kate Says:

    Thank you so much for naming Adventurous Kate Best Travel Blog for Female Travellers! I spend a lot of time encouraging women to travel more, and especialoy to take the plunge and travel solo, so it feels really nice to be recognized for that. :-)

    A fabulous list of nominees here, and I’m happy to be nominated with Shannon, who was a big inspiration for me as I got started (and still is!).

  10. Chris (Amateur Traveler) Says:

    no best podcast category? :-)

  11. Max Neumegen Says:

    Congrates to all fellow travellers on the list, and to the many not on the list, your feedback to your family and friends is just as important and impressive to them as these chosen ones are to us.
    As having couchsurfed hosted “the skinnybackpacker” back in New Zealand, and maybe gave opporuntity for some of those photos and stories there, it is a pleasure to give something back to new travellers that the thousands around the world that gave to me 30 years ago.
    Having returned to travel, and still in transit to return to Africa to ” give something back that Africa gave me 30 years ago when we set out to walk it’s length” , I will get there and must start my own blogg one day.
    “the overland traveller goes around the corner to see who there is to meet around the next corner”

  12. Vicky from HostelBookers Says:

    Hello Chris,

    No not this year, sorry. You would’ve won it though ;). I’m sure we’ll be more technologically appreciative next year, who knows, we might even have a best video category too!

    Happy 2012!

  13. Cole @ Four Jandals Says:

    Great list and agree with all the winners (well we should have been best couples blog… haha just kidding, The Planet D are our hero’s too).

  14. Culture-ist Says:

    Great list. Congratulations to all the winners! Some excellent choices in there.

  15. Annie Says:

    What a great list! Every single winner and nominee deserves it 100% — these are some fantastic and inspiring people! Good work everyone!

  16. Dustin Main - Skinny Backpacker Says:

    Honored to be among this list of greats from the travel community. Thanks so much for the award!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Love it..nice sharing

  18. Elena Says:

    Matt really is the best. His site has everything form humor to the best travel advice anyone can hope to get..


  19. Annie Andre Says:

    I’ve been following a lot of these family’s that are travelling. I think it’s great that more and more people are jumping on board and it’s becoming more main stream and less fringe.

  20. Mike's Road Trip Says:

    I think there should be a BEST “Road Trip” blog…for that category I’d like to throw my hat in the ring. :-)

  21. Colin Mires Says:

    Burma Travel
    Before my visit to Burma (Myanmar) I heard that the Burmese people are extremely welcoming. Usually I don’t tend to pay much attention to these observations; I’m accustomed to meeting nice people in touristic places -The receptionist in the hotel is always nice.. But after visiting the country I can honestly say that the Burmese people made my trip.

  22. Andrew @ yumas Road Trip Says:

    This is an AWESOME list! Cannot wait to see what the best blogs of 2013 are. How are the best travel blogs picked?

    What’s the possibility for a “best blog for MALE travelers” section?

    -Andrew @yumas Road Trip

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